This video was formed on the basis of Ten Commandments which were considered important if you wanted a website to become innovative and “awesome”, these include:

  1. Thou shalt entertain
  2. Test everything
  3. Thou shalt iterate
  4. Thou shalt ship
  5. Engage the community
  6. Love the user as you love thyself
  7. Remember the content and keep it holy
  8. Thou shalt make magic
  9. Though shalt prioritize
  10. To thine own self be true

I found the first commandment one of interest as it presented ways of making the most of bad situations and making “dry material” more interesting.  One way of being entertaining was in the form of differentiation such as using illustration to make content more desirable for example:


This pretty boring article on sustainable web design has instantly become more desirable with the illustration by Kevin Cornell. Other ways of making sites more entertaining is to make good use of the most frustrating page on the web, the 404 error pop up screen. He showed a few examples of how websites made use of these. One of my favourite ones I have been able to find is by which is a portfolio site however the 404 error page is brilliant, as seen below.


This has no reference to the content of the site but adds some humour and cushions the blow for the user especially for new users of the site. This is a perfect example of Microcopy.

In my opinion these are both genius ways of adding a sense of personality and humour to a site which can be overlooked by designers. Seeming the main goal of my portfolio is to get across my personality and skill-set I think it would be a good idea to incorporate either one of these ideas. Microcopy is fast becoming very popular on the web as a form of user interaction (UI) therefore considering it for my portfolio could really impress potential employers and improve the usability of my site.

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